Vision Advantage

What do we bring?

We bring together our sales, service, product/packaging ideation, marketing expertise and strength of our Costco relationships to best position our clients for success. We are dedicated to ensuring consistent profitable growth and meeting collaboratively defined objectives. We are committed to developing specific market and product strategies that are profitable and aligned with your overall company strategic plan.


Vision Marketing has developed distinct strategies through market expertise to specifically address the Costco Wholesale Business Model.

We speak CPG

We look through your lens too as we work to optimize strategy and relationships with our clients. We’ve walked in your shoes and understand your perspective and outlook.

Quick Response

to gauge and respond to market requirements and opportunities. Our finger is on the pulse and we are constantly dialoguing with buyers and executives to keep our clients aligned with the current and future Costco focus and initiatives.


which, over 28 years, have established confidence and trust through successful sales and service history.


that has gained the confidence of Buyers, Department Heads and Executives.

Preparation & Presentation

that displays a thorough understanding of all the elements that are critical to positioning for a favorable purchasing decision. We endeavor to keep you ahead of the competition.


of Costco’s unique requirements. We have intimate understanding of the internal dynamics and the actions required to successfully navigate their landscape. We speak Costco and CPG language.


of the Corporate, Regional and International purchasing philosophies and each division’s unique dynamics and requirements.


that involves the assurance of honest and accurate information, a genuine commitment to our mutual benefit, and promises kept.