How we work:

Vision Sales & Marketing offers both a full suite of services, providing all of the below expertise, or customized consulting services based on your unique needs. As your Costco eyes and ears, we provide regional merchandising and product insights. We are current on Costco initiatives and focus. Our 360 degree optics around Costco’s merchandising and operations dynamics ensure your item’s best position for success and growth. Please contact us so we can get to know you and help decide which path is right for your business.

Our Services:

International Sales

Costco is focused on expanding its business internationally. We leverage our local marketing understanding and strong relationships with buyers globally to develop products designed to achieve sales success aligned with your priorities and objectives.
Vision Sales and Marketing will guide you through the unique requirements of each country to establish an international presence in the World’s 2nd largest retailer.

Strategic Planning & Execution

We are experts at developing a suite of strategies that are aligned with Costco’s interests and your company’s objectives and goals. As marketplace dynamics evolve, we ensure your product, packaging, and strategic plan is executed to best position you for success.
We have 28 years of successfully placing items in Costco. We navigate the landscape to get your products in front of Costco buyers at the right time and with the right presentation that puts you in front of your competition.

Marketing Services

We have intimate understanding of available Costco marketing options. We work with you to plan and optimize all marketing opportunities. We track fund accrual and spend, evaluate ROI and provide actionable insights that drive business. Our clients benefit from our relationships within the Costco Marketing departments as we work jointly with Costco Corporate and Regional teams to successfully promote and inform Costco members of your product’s benefits and value.

Product Ideation & Development

“Costco buys items…”  It’s the core of their business model; searching for items their members want and partnering with those companies whom they trust. The Costco consumer demographic is specific and the flow of product trend and success is unique to this customer.

From the very start of our tenure with our clients, we do more than just sell your items into Costco. We consider ourselves more than just Costco Brokers, in the way that we believe in your product and want it to be the best version that it can be.  We are with you every step.

This is where the Vision team steps in; we are experts in current and trending Costco consumer demand and work with our clients to determine, design, and commercialize items specifically for Costco. That includes business development in departments and ancillary business units such as, Business, Delivery, Food Court, Service Deli, Bakery, etc. We provide leadership in determining region/country specific product & packaging design, bringing the team of client, Costco buy staff, and Vision personnel together to create new, cutting edge and on-trend products.  In short, we work with you to build new items from the ground up, or refresh an existing item to generate new growth and optimize sales- Strong sales are the best defense!

Our 29+ years of history and current understanding of optimal product merchandising within the Costco world will set your products apart and ensure you are best positioned for success.

Business Insights

We provide real-time marketplace analysis designed to facilitate data driven decisions. We analyze all facets of your business to aid in developing and executing a winning strategic plan.


Our experienced team manages critical business requirements that keep your Costco relationship running smoothly and efficiently. As a team of food brokers, it is our job to take on the heavy lifting of getting your product into Costco, and then handling the ongoing, daily management.

We interface with Costco administrative teams to place, review and track orders; schedule, execute, and monitor promotional activities; and manage marketing budgets and other administrative activities. There are a host of documents and processes that we review and manage so our clients can concentrate on driving business growth.

It is the VM team’s sole responsibility to serve our vendors and make your transition into Costco as smooth as possible!

Nutrition & Media

Vision Marketing’s in-house nutritionist provides our clients with valuable insights into Costco’s clean label focus and sustainability initiatives. And, works with our clients in key areas of product development, nutrition research and education, and trend tracking and analysis. She is also a media spokesperson and speaks on behalf of our clients in various media venues to include television, radio, print and the Costco Connection.