Our Services

Vision Sales & Marketing offers both a full brokerage relationship, providing all of the below expertise, or consulting services based on your unique needs. Please contact us so we can get to know you and help decide which path is right for your business.

Working on behalf of our manufacturer, we will leverage our strong relationships with buyers globally to achieve continued sales growth based on your priorities and objectives.
We will present your products, negotiate the best deal or promotion for the manufacturer, and provide pertinent regional and internal information to help sell and promote your products.

We have an intimate understanding of Costco marketing programs. We work with you to plan and execute marketing strategies to optimize all opportunities. We track fund accrual and spend, evaluate the ROI and provide actionable insights that drive business. Our clients benefit from our relationship with the Costco Marketing departments and third party providers as we work with Costco Corporate and Regional teams to successfully promote your products.

We facilitate collaboration between our clients, Costco buyers and R&D teams to foster new product innoivation and to review and refresh existing SKUs.

We provide real-time marketplace analysis designed to facilitate data driven decisions. We analyze all facets of your business to aid in the development and execution of a winning strategic plan.

We manage critical business requirements that keep you on track and running smoothly. We interface with Costco administrative teams to place, review and track orders; schedule, execute, and monitor promotional activities; manage marketing budgets and other administrative activities. There are a host of documents and processes that we review and manage so our clients can concentrate on driving business growth.

With the increased focus on nutrition and clean labels, our in-house nutritionist is available to provide feedback and guidance during your product development phase, educate you on nutritional trends and focuses, highlight your items in the media, and help to best position your item so that it meets Costco’s nutritional requirements.